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Lab Supplies and Shipping Portal

Is key module for fulfilling and shipping supplies to lab clients.

Lab Supplies and Shipping Portal

Key Features

  • Secure and in compliance with HIPAA with Secure 256 Bit Encryption to protect information.
  • Smart GUI to allow easy access for fast information retrieval employing dashboards, graphs, dynamic grids and easy exports (PDF, EXCEL, RTF/Word, CSV).
  • Flexible Items creation and integration with lab inventory system.
  • Tracking of Supplies on the category, items and units levels.
  • Order placement through custom access roles where lab clients, sales force and other custom roles can place supplies orders.
  • Order Fulfillment through lab supplies department to have a seamless workflow with lab clients.
  • Smart integration with Fedex, UPS and USPS to track shipments and print shipping labels.