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Lab Outreach Portal

Is a key module to connect the healthcare providers, patients and the lab by creating orders and receiving results. Using state of art healthcare standards to interface with LIS/LIMS system.

Lab Outreach Portal

Key Features

  • Secure and in compliance with HIPAA with Secure 256 Bit Encryption to protect information.
  • Smart GUI to allow easy access for fast information retrieval employing dashboards, dynamic grids and easy exports (PDF, EXCEL, RTF/Word, CSV).
  • Customizable Exportable Views through dynamic grids allowing users to choose fields and layouts organizations.
  • Insurance eligibility checks to verify patient’s coverage while ordering a test.
  • Medical Necessity workflow checks to insure order is completed to be in compliance with insurance companies’ requirements.
  • Signature Workflows to capture patient signatures and healthcare provider’s signature to fulfill approval and compliance requirements.
  • Scanning engine to allow uploading all order entry required. Documents which acts as the main central document management system for the lab operating and billing departments.
  • Barcode labeling to allow unique sample identification for labs workflows to eliminate data entry errors.
  • Dynamic Database having updated CMS active NPIs entries and CMS active ICD10 codes.
  • Results engine to allow real time updates for any resulted and finalized reports to synchronize with created orders.
  • Access control Roles having predefined and custom roles to give secure access to clinic locations, physicians, collectors specimen collectors, nurses, sales force and many more.
  • Problem Requisition workflow to identify issues with test orders prior to testing with the ability to correct these issues through smart alerts.
  • Smart Alerts to notify users for pending supplies, problems with placed orders and required fixes.