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Healthcare Analytics

Is key module for business operation, decision making and planning success. Our analytics module provides lab management with the most comprehensive Key performance indicators to support day to day business decisions through smart integrations with any LIS and billing systems.

Healthcare Analytics

Key Features

  • Secure and in compliance with HIPAA with Secure 256 Bit Encryption to protect information.
  • Smart GUI to allow easy access for fast information retrieval employing dashboards, graphs, dynamic grids and easy exports (PDF, EXCEL, RTF/Word, CSV).
  • Customizable Exportable Views through dynamic grids allowing users to choose fields and layouts organizations.
  • Access control Roles having predefined and custom roles to give secure access to Lab management, billing staff, sales force and many more.
  • Accurate Real Time Reporting utilizing the most comprehensive key performance indicators (KPIs) to give lab management a real snapshot of lab business performance. 40 + KPIs are calculated to evaluate LIS/LIMS samples, insurance companies, Clients/ Clinics/ Healthcare providers, CPT codes, ICD10 codes, Order choices and Sales force.
  • Smart integration using state of art healthcare standards to interface with any LIS/ LIMS and lab billing systems.